Thanks Giving Theme Pack


This Theme Pack contains media that will help you create a consistent thematic graphic package for your congregation/group. This theme pack includes 1 countdown, 8 looping motion backgrounds and 8 still images. Buy the theme pack and save over 50% OFF of what it would cost to buy all of these media pieces individually.

480p MPEG-1
480p QuickTime
720p MPEG-1
720p QuickTime

Autumn Leaves Countdown

Motion Backgrounds
Autumn Leaves 1
Autumn Leaves 2
Autumn Leaves 3
Autumn Leaves 4
Autumn Leaves 5
Thanks Giving
Thanks Giving Welcome
Thanks Giving Great Week

Still Backgrounds
Autumn Leaves Circle
Autumn Leaves Still 1
Autumn Leaves Still 2
Autumn Leaves Still 3
He Is Good
Leaves Great Week
Leaves Welcome
Thanks Giving Still